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Blood Cells


Blood Cells, Cellule del Sangue

This is the original and traditional strand of his studies, because since the time of the thesis is devoted to the study of blood phagocytic cells (neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages), focusing on the characterization of systems that generate oxygen free radicals, in normal and pathological conditions. Later, he had the opportunity to study the function and regulation of platelets and basophils.

Here are some of the most significant discoveries for each topic (the full list is in another page)

Si tratta del filone iniziale e tradizionale dei suoi studi, in quanto sin dal tempo della tesi di laurea si è dedicato allo studio delle cellule fagocitarie del sangue (Neutrofili, Monociti, Macrofagi), focalizzandosi sulla caratterizzazione dei sistemi che generano i radicali liberi dell’ossigeno, in condizioni normali e patologiche. Successivamente, ha  avuto modo di studiare la funzione e la regolazione delle piastrine e dei basofili. Qui sono riportate alcune scoperte significative per ciascun argomento (l'elenco completo si trova in altra pagina)

Metabolism and Adhesion - Metabolismo e Adesione

>>Interrelationship between oxygen consumption, superoxide and peroxide (1979)
>>Oxidative metabolism of mononuclear phagocytes (1980)
Stimulus-response and receptor dynamics (1983-5)(W1, W2, W3, W4)
>>The neutrophil: Structure and defence function(1990)
>>Isolation and characterization of a cDNA for serine-rich protein
>>Correlations and dissociations of adhesion and metabolism (1992)

>>Homologous priming in chemotactic peptide stimulated neutrophils (1993)
>>Neutrophils in experimental skin inflammation (1993 seg.) (W1,W2,W3,W4, W5)
>>Dual effects of formylpeptides (first idea of the "simile")
>>Risposte funzionali dei neutrofili e loro regolazione (in Italiano)(1994)
>>Cellular fatty acid composition in human neutrophils (1995)
>>Effects of sport and exercise (1995-2000)(W1, W2, W3)

NADPH oxidase - NADPH ossidasi
>>Evidence for the involvement of three mechanisms
>>Enzymatic basis of the respiratory burst (1981)
>>NADPH oxidase activity in phagosomes
>>Composition of partially purified NADPH oxidase (1984)
>>Identification of a phosphorylated component of the active enzyme (1985)
>>Presence of cytochrome b-245 in NADPH oxidase (1986)
>>Complete Review of up-to date knowledge (1988)
>>Activation of NADPH oxidase by phosphatidic acid (1988)
>>Genetic defects of NADPH oxidase activity (1989)
>>Production of an inhibitory monoclonal antibody (1989)

Basophil granulocytes - Granulociti basofili
>>Basophil activation markers: a multi-parameter flow cytometry approach (2008)
>>Inhibition of human basophils by high dilutions of histamine (2009)
>>Il modello dei basofili nello studio delle alte diluizioni  (Italiano) (2009)
>>Quercetin on basophils: model of nutraceutics and hormesis (2009-10)(W1, W2)
>>Attività modulatoria di quercetina sui basofili umani in vitro (Italiano)(2011)

Platelets - Piastrine
>>Method of adhesion assessment (1994)
>>Platelets in essential hypertension (1994)
>>Platelet adhesion in patients with hypertension (1996)
>>Ticlopidine and vascular pathology (1998)
>>Lipoprotein(a) is not an adhesive molecule for platelets (1998)
>>Effects of fish oil or soy lecithin on human platelet adhesion (1999)
>>Defective platelets in PlA2 polymorphism of glycoprotein IIIa (2000)

Leukocytes and Pathology - Leucociti e patologia
>>Chronic granulomatous disease in two sisters (1984)
>>Plasma alpha-glucosidase increase in cystic fibrosis (1984)
>>Superoxide production in whole blood of leukaemic patients (1988)
>>Chronic idiopathic neutropenia (1994)
>>Spondylarthropathies and HLA-B27
>>Aging (1996)
>>Psoriatic arthritis and in cutaneous psoriasis (1998)
>>Invasive aspergillosis in neutropenic patients (1999)
>>Neutrophil receptol abnormality in periodontal disease (1999)
>>Rheumatoid arthritis and neutrophil FcepsilonII (1999)

Pharmacology of blood cells- Farmacologia delle cellule ematiche
>> Evaluation of multiple doses of agonists and inhibitors (1992)
>>Effects of homeopathic organic acids and minerals on neutrophils (1993)
>>Dual effects of diclofenac on human platelet adhesion
>>Antiplatelet effects of a new complex drug: nitroaspirin (1996)
>>Podophyllum peltatum compounds on human neutrophils (1997)
>>Paradoxical effects of NSAIDs on platelet activation (1997)
>>Higher sensitivity to aspirin in platelets with PlA2 polymorphism (2000)
>>Homeopathic drugs in cells of the Immune System and Inflammation (2006)
>>Ricerca di base in omeopatia. Gli studi sui neutrofili e basofili (Italiano)(2008)
>>Effects of diluted drugs in human monocyte/macrophages cell line THP-1

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