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List of publications from Paolo Bellavite, in chronological order

Lista delle pubblicazioni di Paolo Bellavite, in ordine cronologico

1975. Pre-graduation
1. Rottini, G.D., Zabucchi, G., Bellavite, P., Dri, P. and Patriarca, P. (1975) Interazione tra macrofagi peritoneali di cavia ed E.coli in vitro. Atti 17 Congr. Società Italiana di Microbiologia, Padova, pp. 495-501.  -->read
1976. Medical graduation in Trieste
2. Dri, P., Rottini, G.D., Bellavite, P. and Patriarca, P. (1976) Antiphagocytic activity of the cell wall polysaccharide of Escherichia Coli. In: The Reticuloendothelial System in Health and Disease: Functions and characteristics (S.M. Reichard, M.R. Escobar and H. Friedman eds.) Plenum Publ. Corp., New York, pp. 267-275. -->read
1977. Early lab works on leukocytes
3. Bellavite, P., Dri, P., Bisiacchi, B. and Patriarca, P. (1977) Catalase deficiency in myeloperoxidase deficient polymorphonuclear leucocytes from chicken. FEBS Lett. 81: 73-76. -->read
1978. Early lab works on leukocytes
4. Dri, P., Bisiacchi, B., Cramer, R., Bellavite, P., De Nicola,G. and Patriarca, P. (1978) Oxidative metabolism of chicken polymorphonuclear leucocytes during phagocytosis. Molec. Cell. Biochem. 22: 159-166. -->read
1979. Leukocyte metablism studies in Trieste
5. Dri, P., Bellavite, P., Berton, G. and Rossi, F. (1979) Interrelationship between oxygen consumption, superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide formation in phagocytosing guinea pig polymorphonuclear leucocytes. Molec. Cell. Biochem. 23: 109-122. -->read
6. Romeo, D., Dri, P., Bellavite, P. and Rossi, F. (1979) Molecular bases of the metabolic excitability of phagocytes. In: Inborn Errors of Immunity and Phagocytosis (F. Guttler, W.T. Seakins and R.A. Harkness eds.). MTP Press Limited, pp. 231-246. -->read
7. Rossi, F., , Bellavite, P., Berton, G. and Zabucchi, G. (1979) Metabolismo dei granulociti e danni da immunocomplessi. Atti Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana Allergologia e Immunologia Clinica. Firenze, 28/30-11-1979, pp. 177-196. -->read
8. Rossi, F., Dri, P., Bellavite, P., Zabucchi, G. and Berton, G. (1979) Oxidative metabolism of inflammatory cells. In: Advances in Inflammation Research (G. Weissman et al. eds). Vol. 1 Raven Press, New York, pp. 139-155. -->read
1980. Free radicals and first original method invented
9. Rossi, F., Zabucchi, G., Dri, P., Bellavite, P. and Berton, G. (1980) O2- and H2O2 production during the respiratory burst in alveolar macrophages. In: Macrophages and Lymphocytes. Nature, Functions and Interaction (M.R. Escobar and H. Friedman eds.). Plenum Publ. Co., New York, pp. 53-74. -->read
10. Dri, P., Bellavite, P., Cramer, R., Bisiacchi, R., Cian, F. and Patriarca, P. (1980) Evidence that phagocytosing chicken polymorphonuclear leukocytes generate hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anion. In: Macrophages and Lymphocytes. Nature, Functions and Interaction (M.R. Escobar and H. Friedman eds.) Plenum Publ. Co., New York, pp. 111-121. -->read
11. Bellavite, P., Berton, G. and Dri, P. (1980) Studies on the NADPH oxidation by subcellular particles from phagocytosing polymorphonuclear leucocytes. Evidence for the involvement of three mechanisms. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 591: 434-444. -->read
12. Zabucchi, G., Bellavite, P., Berton, G. and Dri, P. (1980) Free radicals generation by the inflammatory cells. Agent and Actions (AAS) 7: 159-166. -->read
13. Bellavite, P., Dri, P., Berton, G. and Zabucchi, G. (1980) Un nuovo test di funzionalità fagocitaria basato sulla misura della produzione di anione superossido (O2-). I. Principi generali ed esecuzione. LAB. J. Res. Lab. Med. 7: 67-76. -->read
14. Bellavite, P., Dri, P. and Della Bianca, V. (1980) Un nuovo test di funzionalità fagocitaria basato sull misura dell'anione superossido (O2-). Condizioni di applicabilità e risultati ottenuti in casi patologici. LAB. J. Res. Lab. Med. 7: 77-82. -->read
15. Rossi, F., Bellavite, P., Dobrina, A., Dri, P. and Zabucchi, G. (1980) Oxidative metabolism of mononuclear phagocytes. In: Mononuclear Phagocytes: Functional Aspects (R. Van Furth ed.). Part II. Martinus Nijhoff Publ., The Hague, pp. 1187-1218. -->read
1981. Transfer to Verona Institute of Pathology, focus on phagocytes
16. Zabucchi, G., Bellavite, P., Dri, P., Berton, G. and Dobrina, A. (1981) Heterogeneity of macrophages as revealed by studies on their oxidative metabolism. In: Heterogeneity of Mononuclear Phagocytes (O. Forster and M. Landy eds.) Academic Press, New York, pp. 348-352. -->read
17. Rossi, F., Dri, P., Berton, G. and Bellavite, P. (1981) Activation of oxygen metabolism in polymorphonuclear leucocytes: Activity of soluble and membrane bound NADPH and NADH oxidases. Bull. Europ. Physiopath. Resp. 17 (suppl): 167-174. -->read
18. Dri, P., Zabucchi, G. and Bellavite, P. (1981) A dual effect of L-1- tosylamide-2-phenylethyl chloromethyl ketone on the respiratory metabolism of guinea pig phagocytes. Bull. Europ. Physiopath. Resp. 17 (suppl): 175-185. -->read
19. Rossi, F., Della Bianca, V. and Bellavite, P. (1981) Inhibition of the respiratory burst and of phagocytosis by nordihydroguaiaretic acid in neutrophils. FEBS Lett. 127: 183-187. -->read
20. Dri, P., Bellavite, P., Della Bianca, V. and Comin, A. (1981) La misura della produzione di superossido anione (O2-) dei granulociti del sangue intero come test di valutazione della funzionalità fagocitaria. Immunol. Pediat. 1: 7-10. -->read
21. Bellavite, P., Berton, G., Dri, P. and Soranzo, M.R. (1981) Enzymatic basis of the respiratory burst of guinea pig resident peritoneal macrophages. J. Reticuloendothel. Soc. (J. Leukocyte biology) 29: 47-60.  -->read
1982. Superoxide radicals and NADPH oxidase
22. Bannister, J.V., Bellavite, P., Serra, M.C., Thornalley, P.J. and Rossi, F. (1982) An EPR study of the production of superoxide radicals by neutrophil NADPH oxidase. FEBS Lett. 145: 323-326. -->read
23. Bellavite, P., Della Bianca, V. and Dri, P. (1982) Misura della produzione di superossido da parte di granulociti nel sangue intero. Immunol. Pediat. 2: 29-31. -->read
24. Rossi, F., Bellavite, P., Berton, G., Dri, P. and Zabucchi, G. (1982) The respiratory burst of phagocytic cells: Facts and problems. Adv Exp Med Biol 141: 283-321. -->read
25. Bannister, J.V., Bellavite, P., Davoli, A., Thornalley, P.J. and Rossi, F. (1982) The generation of hydroxyl radicals following superoxide production by neutrophil NADPH oxidase. FEBS Lett. 150: 300-302. -->read
26. Rossi, F., Berton, G., Bellavite, P. and Della Bianca, V. (1982) The inflammatory cells and their respiratory burst. In: Advances in Inflammation Research. Vol. 3. Rheumatoid Arthritis (S. Gorini et al. eds.) Raven Press, New York, pp.329-340. -->read
27. Berton, G., Bellavite, P., De Nicola, G., Dri, P. and Rossi, F. (1982) Plasma membrane and phagosome localization of the activated NADPH oxidase in elicited peritoneal macrophages of the guinea pig. J. Pathology 136: 241-252. -->read
28. Berton, G., Bellavite, P., Dri, P., De Togni, P. and Rossi, F. (1982) The enzyme responsible for the respiratory burst in elicited guinea pig peritoneal macrophages. J. Pathology 136: 273-279. -->read
29. Bellavite, P., Serra, M.C., Davoli, A. and Rossi, F. (1982) Selective enrichment of NADPH oxidase activity in phagosomes from guinea pig polymorphonuclear leukocytes. Inflammation 6: 21-29. -->read
30. Rossi, F., Bellavite, P. and Berton, G. (1982) The respiratory burst in phagocytic leukocytes. In: Phagocytosis - Past and Future (M.L. Karnowsky and M. Bolis eds.) Academic Press, New York pp. 167-191. -->read
1983. Neutrophil functions and biochemical methods
31. Bellavite, P., Dri, P., Della Bianca, V. and Serra, M.C. (1983) The measurement of superoxide anion productionby granulocytes in whole blood. A clinical test for the evaluation of phagocyte function and serum opsonic activity. Eur. J. Clin. Invest. 13: 363-368. -->read *HIGHLY CITED!*
32. Bellavite, P., Cross, A.R., Serra, M.C., Davoli, A., Jones, O.T.G. and Rossi, F. (1983) The cytochrome b and flavin content and properties of the O2- forming NADPH oxidase solubilized from activated neutrophils. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 746: 40-47. -->read
33. Della Bianca, V., Bellavite, P., De Togni, P., Fumarulo, R. and Rossi, F. (1983) Studies on stimulus-response coupling in human neutrophils. I. Role of monovalent cations in the respiratory and secretory response to N-Formyl- Methionyl-Leucyl Phenylalanine (FMLP). Biochim. Biophys. Acta 755: 497-505. -->read
34. De Togni, P., Della Bianca, V., Bellavite, P., Grzeskowiak, M. and Rossi, F. (1983) Studies on stimulus-response coupling in human neutrophils. II. Relationships between the effects of changes of external ionic composition on the properties of FMLP receptors and on the respiratory and secretory response. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 758: 168-175. -->read
35. Rossi, F., De Togni, P., Bellavite, P., Della Bianca, V. and Grzeskowiak, M. (1983) Relationship between the binding of N-Formyl-Methionyl-Leucyl-Phenylalanine and the respiratory response in human neutrophils. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 758: 168-175. -->read
36. Bellavite, P., Serra, M.C., Davoli, A., Bannister, J.V. and Rossi, F. (1983) The NADPH oxidase of guinea pig polymorphonuclear leucocytes. Properties of the deoxycholate extracted enzyme. Molec. Cell. Biochem. 52: 17-25. -->read
37. Bellavite, P., Serra, M.C., Davoli, A., Bannister, J.V. and Rossi, F. (1983) Solubilization and partial purification of guinea pig neutrophil NADPH oxidase. In: Oxy Radicals and Their Scavenger Systems. Vol. II. Cellular and Medical Aspects (R.A. Greenwald and G. Cohen eds.) Elsevier Sci. Publ., New York, pp. 400-405. -->read
38. D'Ancona, S., Bellavite, P. and Merlo, S. (1983) Studi sul metabolismo ossidativo di Amoeba proteus durante la fagocitosi. Atti Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei 74: 167-173. -->read
1984. Enzymatic progresses
39. Bellavite, P., Jones, O.T.G., Cross, A.R., Papini, E. and Rossi, F. (1984) Composition of partially purified NADPH oxidase from pig neutrophils. Biochem. J. 223: 639-648. -->read
40. Serra, M.C., Bellavite, P., Davoli, A., Bannister, J.V. and Rossi, F. (1984) Isolation from neutrophil membranes of a complex containing active NADPH oxidase and cytochrome b-245. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 788: 138-146. -->read
41. Bellavite, P., Della Bianca, V., Serra, M.C., Papini, E. and Rossi, F. (1984) NADPH oxidase of neutrophils forms superoxide anion but does not reduce cytochrome c and dichlorophenolindophenol. FEBS Lett. 170: 157-161. -->read
42. Serra, M.C., Bellavite, P., Davoli, A., Bannister, J.V. and Rossi, F. (1984) The NADPH oxidase activity of guinea pig neutrophils. In: Life Chemistry Reports, Suppl. Series (G. Rotilio and J.V. Bannister eds.) Harwood Acad. Publ., London, pp. 144-150. -->read
43. Bellavite, P., Cabrini, G., Cassatella, M. and Papini, E. (1984) The NADPH oxidase of Phagocytes: nature and properties. Acta Medica Romana 22: 150-161. -->read
44. D'Amelio, R., Bellavite, P., Bianco, P., De Sole, P., Le Moli, S., Lippa, S., Seminara, R., Vercelli, B., Rossi, F., Rocchi, G. and Aiuti, F. (1984) Chronic granulomatous disease in two sisters. J. Clin. Immunol. 4: 220-227. -->read
45. Cabrini, G., Bellavite, P. and Mastella, G. (1984) Plasma alpha-glucosidase increase in cystic fibrosis: only an effect of chronic tissue damage? Riv. Ital. Pediatria 10: 405-412.  -->read
1985. Studies of free radicals and related mechanisms
46. Bellavite, P., Papini, E., Zeni, L., Della Bianca, V. and Rossi, F. (1985) Studies on the nature and activation of O2- forming NADPH oxidase of leukocytes. Identification of a phosphorylated component of the active enzyme. Free Rad. Res. Commun. (Free Rad. Res.). 1: 11-29. -->read
47. Papini, E., Grzeskowiak, M., Bellavite, P. and Rossi, F. (1985) Protein kinase C phosphorylates a component of NADPH oxidase of neutrophils. FEBS Lett. 190: 204-208. -->read
48. Berton G., Papini, E., Cassatella, M., Bellavite, P. and Rossi, F. (1985) Partial purification of the superoxide-generating system of macrophages. possible association of the NADPH oxidase activity with a low potential cytochrome b. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 810: 164-173. -->read
49. Rossi, F., Bellavite, P., Serra, M.C. and Papini, E. (1985) Characterization of phagocyte NADPH oxidase. In: Mononuclear Phagocytes. Characteristics. Physiology and Function. (R. Van Furth ed.) Martinus Nijhoff Publ. Boston, pp. 423-433. -->read
50. De Togni, P., Bellavite, P., Della Bianca, V., Grzeskowiak, M. and Rossi, F. (1985) Intensity and kinetics of the respiratory burst of human neutrophils in relation to receptor occupancy and rate of occupation by formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 838: 12-22. -->read
51. Rossi, F., Bellavite, P., Berton, G., Grzeskowiak, M. and Papini, E. (1985) Mechanism of production of toxic oxygen radicals by granulocytes and macrophages and their function in the inflammatory process. Pathology Research and Practice 180: 136-142. -->read
1986. Visiting Scientist at Cranfiled Institute of Technology (UK)
52. Bellavite, P., Cassatella, M.A., Papini, E., Megyeri, P. and Rossi, F. (1986) Presence of cytochrome b-245 in NADPH oxidase preparations from human neutrophils. FEBS Lett. 199: 159-163. -->read
53. Rossi, F., Bellavite, P. and Papini, E. (1986) Respiratory response of phagocytes: terminal NADPH oxidase and the mechanisms of its activation. In: Biochemistry of Macrophages (Ciba Foundation Symposium 118) Pitman, London, 172-195. -->read
54. Berton, G., Cassatella, M., Bellavite, P. and Rossi, F. (1986) Molecular basis of macrophage activation. Expression of the low potential cytochrome b and its reduction upon cell stimulation in activated macrophages. J. Immunol. 136: 1393-1396. -->read
55. Berton, G., Rosen, H., Ezekowitz, R.A.B., Bellavite, P., Serra, M.C., Rossi, F. and Gordon, S. (1986) Monoclonal antibodies to a particulate superoxide-forming system stimulate a respiratory burst in intact guinea pig neutrophils. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 83: 4002-4006. -->read
1987. Further studies on phagocytes
56. Bellavite, P., Serra, M.C., Dusi, S., Berton, G. and Chilosi, M. (1987) The free radical forming system of granulocytes and macrophages: Further studies. Advances in Biosciences 60: 150-162. -->read
57. Thornalley, P.J., Della Bianca, V., Bellavite, P. and Rossi, F. (1987) S-D-lactoylglutathione in resting and activated human neutrophils. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 145: 769-774. -->read
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59. Thornalley, P.J. and Bellavite, P. (1987) Modification of the glyoxalase system during the functional activation of human neutrophils. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 931: 120-129. -->read
1988. First review on the free radical generating enzyme
60. Todeschini, G., Zeni, L. and Bellavite, P. (1988) Follow-up of superoxide production by phagocytes in whole blood of leukaemic patients during therapy. Acta Haematologica 79: 38-40. -->read
61. Bellavite, P. (1988) The superoxide-forming enzymatic system of phagocytes. Free Radical Biol. Med. 4: 225-261.[Si tratta della più importante e citata Review sulla NADPH ossidasi per quei tempi, con centinaia di citazioni.The most important full review for those times, with hundreds of citations.] -->read *HIGHLY CITED!*
62. Berton, G., Dusi, S. and Bellavite, P. (1988) The respiratory burst of phagocytes. In: The Respiratory Burst and Its Physiological Significance (A.J. Sbarra and R.R. Strauss, eds.) Plenum Press, New York, pp. 33-52. -->read
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1989. La caduta del muro. The wall's fall
64. Berton, G., Dusi, S., Serra, M.C., Bellavite, P. and Rossi, F. (1989) Studies on the NADPH oxidase of phagocytes. Production of a monoclonal antibody which blocks the enzymatic activity of pig neutrophils NADPH oxidase. J. Biol. Chem. 264: 5564-5568. -->read
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66. McNeil, C.J., Smith, K.A., Bellavite, P. and Bannister, J.V. (1989) Application of the electrochemistry of cytochrome c to the measurement of superoxide radical production. Free Rad. Res. Commun. (Free Rad. Res). 7: 89-96. -->read
1990. Transfer to Institute of Chemistry and Clinical Microscopy, start new group with new programs, also on homeopathy
67. Bellavite, P., Serra, M.C., Bazzoni, F., Miron, S. and Dusi, S. Triggering and regulation of the free radical production by phagocytes. (1990) In: Free Radicals, Lipoproteins and Membrane Lipids (A. Crastes de Paulet, L. Douste Blazy, R. Paoletti eds.) Plenum Press, New York, pp. 23-44. -->read
68. Bellavite, P. (1990) Ricerca in omeopatia: Dati, problemi e prospettive (Research in homeopathy: data, problems and prospects). Ann. Ist. Sup. Sanità 26: 179-187. -->read
69. Bellavite, P. (1990) Moderne interpretazioni patogenetiche dell'infiammazione acuta. Riv. Ital. Omotossicol. 8 (3): 12-21. -->read
70. Bellavite, P., Bazzoni, F., Cassatella, M.A., Hunter, K.J. and Bannister, J.V. (1990) Isolation and characterization of a cDNA clone for a novel serine-rich neutrophil protein. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 170: 915-922. -->read
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1991. Early steps of integrative approach
72. Bellavite, P., Chirumbolo, S., Signorini, A., Bianchi, I. and Dri, P. (1991) Simultaneous measurement of oxidative metabolism and adhesion of human neutrophils and evaluation of multiple doses of agonists and inhibitors. In: Ultra Low Doses (C. Doutremepuich, ed.) Taylor and Francis Ltd., London, pp. 93-117. -->read
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74. Bellavite, P. (1991) Patologia molecolare e cellulare del cancro. Riv. Ital. Omotossicol. 9 (3): 23-36. -->read(17MB)
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76. Negri, M., Bellavite, P., Lauciello, C., Guzzo, P. and Zatti, M. (1991) A photometric assay for hydrogen peroxide production by polymorphonuclear leucocytes. Clin. Chim. Acta 199: 305-310. -->read
1992. Methodological bases of in vitro studies on natural medicines
77. Bellavite, P., Chirumbolo, S., Poli, G. and Mansoldo, C. (1992) Correlations and dissociations between superoxide production and adhesion function of human neutrophils. In: Molecular Basis of Oxidative Damage by Leukocytes (A. Jesaitis and E.A. Draz, ed.) CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA, pp 255-257. -->read
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81. Bellavite, P. and Signorini, A. (1992) Verso la comprensione. Omeopatia 2 (2): 5-11 -->read
1993. First IDEA of the "Simile" (priming/desensitization/factor specific/dual effects/nonlinearity) and first book published
82. Bellavite, P., Chirumbolo, S., Lippi, G., Guzzo, P. and Santonastaso, C. (1993) Homologous priming in chemotactic peptide stimulated neutrophils. Cell Biochem. Funct. 11: 93-100. -->read
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1994. Advances in "conventional" laboratory medicine and early demonstrations of hormesis
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99. Bellavite, P., Schinella, M. and Lippi, U. (1994) Risposte funzionali dei neutrofili alle flogosi. Medicina di Laboratorio 2: 293-295. (-->read)
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