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Homeopathy Frontier

This is the seminal work of Paolo Bellavie and Andrea Signorini, the first book dealing with the scientific bases of homeopathy
CONTENTS (and links to the text who figures)
                 2.1. The law of similars
                2.2. Homeopathic drugs (or remedies)
                2.3. Hahnemann's Organon
                2.4. Opposition to the development of homeopathy
                2.5. Variants of classic homeopathy
                2.6. Homotoxicology
                2.7. Homeopathy today
                 3.1. Empirical evidence
                3.2. Clinical research
                 4.1. Experiments in animals and in healthy human subjects
                4.2. Studies in isolated organs
                4.3. Studies in in vitro cells
                4.4. Preliminary conclusions from experimental studies
                4.5. Towards new paradigms
                 5.1. Complexity of diseases
                5.2. Example of a complex biological system: inflammation
                5.3. Another example: cancer
                5.4. Homeostasis and complexity
                5.5. Information
                5.6. Doses, target systems, and effects
                5.7. Chaos and fractals
                5.8. General discussion on complexity
                 6.1. Mode of action of homeopathic drugs
                6.2. Discussion of model presented
                6.3. The law of similars at pharmacological and pathophysiological level
                6.4. Considerations on autohemotherapy
                6.5. Homeopathic medicine and modern oncology
                 7.1. The biophysics of water
                7.2. Biological effects of electromagnetic fields
                7.4. High dilutions, chaos, and fractals
                7.5. Discussion on high-dilution homeopathy
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