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Special Issue Edited by Paolo Bellavite
Homeopathy and Integrative Medicine: General Concepts and Practical Experiences

Homeopathy and integrative medicine: keeping an open mind (EDITORIAL)
 Paolo Bellavite Pages 1-6
 Homeopathy: from tradition to science?
 Giulio Viganò, Paola Nannei, Paolo Bellavite Pages 7-17
 Biology and sign theory: homeopathy emerging as a biosemiotic system
 Leoni V. Bonamin, Silvia Waisse Pages 18-22
Qualitative evaluation of successful homeopathic treatment of individuals with chronic diseases: descriptive phenomenology of patients’ experiences
 Mary Koithan, Misty Embrey, Iris R. Bell Pages 23-35
The concept of healing and integrative care
 Jeremy Swayne Pages 36-44
Integration of homeopathy and complementary medicine in the public health system in Italy: national regulation and regional experiences
 E. Rossi, M. Picchi, Marialessandra Panozzo… Pages 45-54
Experiences with an integrative approach to treating HIV/AIDS in East Africa
 Tina Quirk, Jeremy Sherr Pages 55-64
Homeopathy on the crossroads of traditional and integrative medicine in the Middle-East
 Eran Ben-Arye, Noah Samuels Pages 65-71

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